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spice up your quiz night!

If you’re holding a regular quiz night, then you might like to consider these two styles of quizzes each are designed to add an extra sparkle to your quiz knight. They are also designed to stop the same team(s) winning your quiz week in week out which should boost your attendances as now everyone has a chance of winning.

The first is our ‘FUN’ quiz which has 20 general knowledge questions, 10 specialist questions on subjects such as films, racing that sort of thing – nothing like master mind. Each quiz also comes with a picture round and a brain teaser question. The round that makes it possible for anyone to win is the final round which is a round of 10 family fortunes style questions each worth up to 5 points. We even supply a tie-breaker question just in case.

The other style of quiz that anyone can win is the ‘MATRIX QUIZ’ which is based on the quiz show ‘Block-Busters’ just print off the special answer papers and hand them out. Asked the 24 questions and then collect the checking sheets from your teams. You then read out the 24 answers in a jumbled-up order and the first team to go across the grid in a line of six correct answers wins.

The teams record their answers in the grid numbering the cells as the go and fill in a record sheet which they hand into you to prevent any cheating.

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