Whether you need to cash just one till or five tills this spreadsheet will make your life much, much easier. It will allow you to cash up to five tills all in one place and will generate powerful reports for you covering the whole week.

On a daily basis each till cashed will show whether or not they balance, the splits between wet and dry sales. You can record your card sales with American Express recorded separately (because they often charge more and take longer to pay into your bank account) the sheet will show the splits in % between American Express and credit and debit cards. You can also record the paid outs from the till.

Used and set up correctly you will be shown an indication of the profit that your daily sales have generated and the % to sales of wage costs. You can record individual staff members sales figures and record the total of ‘no sales’ that they are making, provided you allow them to make them, and your till records them. You will also be shown a predict figure for profit after wage costs.

The % of take is also shown for cash, card and paid outs on a till by till bases and a weekly basis.

You can recheck your float settings ensuring that you have no floating errors which might affect the next cashing. The cash that you then have for banking is then shown on a daily and weekly basis.

The weekly total sheet will auto fill as you cash each till and will show you the weekly totals for the till recorded sales (till reads), the cash taken, PDQ totals with American Express shown separately, your paid outs, over rings and recorded difference (shorts or over) per day. Your total wet and dry sales. The cash for banking is also shown.

The cash record report will show you the cash that you have for banking or paying cash invoices such as cash and carry or snack man purchases which tells you exactly how much cash you have on site at anyone time. You are also shown you total cash banking.

There is also sections for you to use to check the cash in the safe and also check the safe’s change float Keeping you on top of all your cash handling procedures.

Simple to set up and even has a demo sheet that explains everything you need to know to be able to get the most out of the system. Files can be sent via email or shared on cloud platforms giving head office instant access to your figures which is ideal should you be running more than one outlet.

Please use this link to open the instructions on how to set it all up and see more on the reports that it automatically generates for you.

And all for the great price of £3.99.

Download our pub till's cashing spreadsheet

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Cash from one to five tills only £3.99  
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