Buying a pub, how to buy a pub, guide

For those new to the licensed trade or thinking of entering into the trade this guide on how to buy a pub is a must for you. Any newly elected private members club committee member will also find this guide very helpful.  The guide is over 60 A4 pages long and is instantly downloadable from our site following cleared payment.

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The main features of this guide are as follows;

  • Brewers barrel and it's importance explained.
  • Types and ways to buy a pub or bar explained.
  • How to research your intended purchase, including checking the accounts.
  • How to structure your business - correctly.
  • Important documents explained, and how to obtain them.
  • How to avoid bank charges.
  • Do's and don't's of running a successful pub or bar.
  • Help with stopping fiddles.
  • Line cleaning advice, including when to clean them - and it's not on a Monday!
  • Tips to boast trade.
  • The legal requirements of a Bar price list and menu explained.
  • Obtaining credit. - brewery loans explained.
  • Dealing with drunks and violence, including some vital self defence advice.
  • Dealing with competition.
  • Email support is offered.
    VAT, and how to avoid it; plus choosing the scheme that suits you.
  • Live links to helpful websites.
  • Plus much, much more over 60 pages of must read advice all for £3.99 download it from here today!

We also sell software to help you set your gross profit margin and find your pubs break-even point -a must for any business plan - gross profit and break even finding software with loads of helpful budget setting calculators and tips to help your increase sales and cut overheads. Priced from £3.99 - £4.99