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Pub Stocktaking software ultimate edition

Pub Stocktaking software ultimate edition, this is the most powerful stocktaking software we have ever produced and is the pub / bar managers dream. This stocktaking software will perform all your main Bar management tasks for you.

It will -

  • Allow you to perform a full stock take

  • Allow you to set all your prices

  • Allow you to perform your ordering - and up-date your stock records ready for your stock take at the same time.

  • Allow you to cash-up up to three tills - which will automatically update your stock take records as you go.

  • Generate a legal bar price list automatically every time you change your prices.

  • Watch a very short video on how to run a stock take with this software see below.

    More info on this software please click here

    This stocktaking software is must for all in the licensed trade. It performs far more tasks than just stocktaking and it can be set up and running within 3 hours of cleared payment. All you need to do is set up one file to confirm your prices are correct and then set up the master till cashing file and you are away.

    Buy this easy to use software from this site here and now!

    Instant download version £19.99
    We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.
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    or the CD version with a download link as well for just £25.99 use the button below

    We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.

    The till cashing software allows you to not only cash-up up to 3 tills accurately and quickly it also handles all your cash handling whilst it's on site from the till to the bank. The best bit is that every time you cash a till your records are updated in your stocktaking sheets and that means that you don't have to enter them manually on the day of the stock take will have all been done for you.

    This software will also report all your splits, including wage budgets, machine splits and Wet to Dry. It will report each till as being either short, balanced or over in both words and numbers and it can even warn you if it thinks that you have entered digits into it the wrong way around. It can even generate change orders for you. Both easy to set up and easy to use. You can also set up and use five different floats.

    Special offer buy this and the Food (dry) stocktaking for just £21.99 saving you a whopping £17.99 on the buy separately price - they are normally price at £19.99 each. Instant download following cleared payment use the button below and get all your cash handling, price setting and stocktaking systems covered.

    Only £21.99 and not the normal £39.98
    For instant download (in addition to your download email) select return to following cleared payment.

    The stocktaking software has a built in order sheet that allows you to record all your orders, it even reports your barrelage, how many litres of spirits and bottles of wine you order. Use this with the till cashing software and your stock take will boil down to just counting the stock on the day you will have done everything else as you went along. No checking invoices, no looking for sales figures, no errors, no guessing, just count your stock and your away. The stocktaking program even comes with a sheet to help you count those most awkward of stock items part used kegs, spirit bottles, BIB items and wine bottles.

    It has a sheet to help you work out you selling ratios for post mix products. Just record how many you sell of what and enter that into the sheet and it will give your ratio's.

    This Stocktaking Software reports, target G.P.%, achieved G.P.%, shorts and over's, waste values, own consumption, barrelage, litreage and bottlage on wines, alerts to stagnant stock, over ordering and miscounting. Your closing stock automatically becomes your opening stock. It is a powerful easy to use peace of kit, excel based and comes with full email support.

    The price setting function will allow you to review all your prices and confirm or change you required G.P.%. It will even allow you to round up your prices (and round down if you feel that generous). It will automatically generate a bar price list for you to print off a display. Once set up all you will ever have to do in the future is change the cost prices and all your selling prices will be update this alone will save you hours - your stocktaking software is also updated automatically for you.

    Just about ever task you have to perform in your pubs or bars office is covered by this software it even records loans that you have made to staff or customers.

    The stocktaking pub management software is easy to install simple to use and is time saving, once set up you can use the operations file to navigate to the exact position you need to be at within the software. Just one click and you are taken there easy to follow instructions with entry tips and help messages it really is easy to use most the set up is via pre filled drop down lists.

    This software is guaranteed to make you life easier and make you pub more profitable think how much you could save in stock takers fees, £500 plus, then there's your valuable time saved and with accurate prices achieving the correct G.P.% you are bound to sleep happier at night.

    To see more of what this ultimate stocktaking excel software can do for you Please Visit This Page

    With over twenty years in the trade taking pubs from turning over £240,000 to half a million in just one year or a small back street pub taking that from under £1,000 per week to over £4,000 a week. I think I know how the trade ticks and what you need from you back office systems. I hated the office but loved the bar, customers also loved to see me in the bar. My office systems help me get out there meeting them.

    For sale here for £19.99 instant download or on CD for £25.99 (Customers who buy the CD version will also receive the download link, via email, to help them get started whilst they are awaiting the delivery of the CD)