Cocktail stocktaking software and program add on's

This excel based cocktail stocktaking aid sheet is designed for those establishments that sell cocktails and wish to perform their own stock takes and will help you set the correct price for your cocktails which are a great way to increase interest and profits in your pun.

The cocktail stocktaking software is designed to help you the bar owner or manager to produce a report on the amount of stock you have used in the sales of your cocktails. It should be used in conjunction with any of our other stocktaking programs

This excel workbook is designed to work in excel 2007 and above and will produce the following reports for you

The total amount of stock your total sales has used in a given period.

You GP% achieved.

The cost to you of each cocktail

And much more please see below and it only cost £2.99 with instant download available now; following cleared payment

The sheet covers 65 different ingredients and allows you to record up to 60 different cocktails each made up of up to 9 different ingredients and if you need more just set up another workbook to record the extra ones.

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The sheet also allows you to set the selling price of each cocktail using the built in price suggester. it reports the stock used in liters, the size of the bottle you buy the ingredients in, and can cope with post mix , the number of equivalent 25ml and 35ml measures. The total cost of the stock used and the total sales return on each cocktail. It can even cope with BOGOF offers, recording the stock used and the money taken.

watch a video on how this sheet works below

Buy this product in conjunction with any of our other stocktaking programs and together you will have a better picture of where your stock is going. The workbook has guides on the law on selling cocktails any a helpful calculation page to help you.

This is not a stocktaking program in its own right and must be used with one of our other stocktaking programs, it only reports stock used etc and has no sheet to perform a stock take.