Bar staff training manual understanding measures

Bar Staff training manuals are a essential part of showing due diligence should you fall foul of the licensing law. The licensed trade is one of the most regulated trades in the country the red tape attached to operating a licensed premises is mind blowing so we have decided to help by writing training manuals for your bar staff to use. All our manuals are downloadable straight from this site and are in word format which will enable you to edit them to suit your business exactly. See below for list of training manuals available and their cost.

Module 3 - The importance of measures

Bar staff need to understand the importance of measures in the licensed trade and this training manual module will explain the law regarding pub measures and the importance of getting them right. The staff will also be shown how to use an optic correctly, glass handling the correct way plus there is guidance on the new mandatory licensing conditions. Plus there are guidance notes for the Designated Premises Supervisor on such things as drink promotions.

This module is £2.49 and is downloadable straight after cleared payment. If you think you do not need this guide then try answering these two questions (answers at bottom of the page) What is the maximum you can charge for a glass of tap water? and do you always have to measure whisky, gin, vodka and rum?

Use this button to buy this module for just £2.49 each module come with a supervisors test page and helps show due diligence should you have a problem with trading standards or the licensing authorities.

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    Info found in this module
  • What are the legal measures
  • What makes a double measure
  • When you need to measure
  • How to use optics correctly
  • Thimble measure Guide
  • Which measures you need to offer first
  • Charging for tap water
  • Cocktails - the law on them
  • Dirty pints
  • Legal Glasses
  • The requirement to top up
  • handling glasses
  • Dirty pints
  • Illegal drink promotions
  • new wine measure
  • Free pouring Alcohol and the law
  • Test page

Mod 3 Measures

Please watch the video to see what you will receive best watched in full screen, please also note this video is of the PDF version you will receive a fully editable word document!

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Answers to the two questions asked above - it is now illegal for any licensed premises selling alcohol (includes restaurants and food led outlets)to charge a customer for tap water - it MUST be provided free. You do not always have to measure whisky, gin, vodka and rum the law allows you to serve them unmeasured in cocktails provided their are three or more liquids in the cocktail (water is not counted as one of the liquids). If you got any one of these questions wrong then I suggest you need this module.