Bar staff training manual dealing with drugs in pubs

Bar Staff training manuals are a essential part of showing due diligence should you fall foul of the licensing law. The licensed trade is one of the most regulated trades in the country the red tape attached to operating a licensed premises is mind blowing so we have decided to help by writing training manuals for your bar staff to use. All our manuals are downloadable straight from this site and are in word format which will enable you to edit them to suit your business exactly. See below for list of training manuals available and their cost.

Module 2 - Drugs in Pubs

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In this module you staff are shown examples of the most common illegal drugs commonly used in licensed premises and are shown how to spot their use and signs of dealing. The module also includes a Drugs policy statement which it is a mandatory licensing condition that every licensed premises has one.

    The module contains
  • A guide to common illegal drugs
  • Pictures of common illegal drugs
  • A guide to the symptoms of drug abuse
  • A guide to spotting drug use on your premises.
  • How to spot drug dealing on your premises.
  • How to deter drug use on your premises
  • A guide as to what action your staff need to take regarding drug use on your premises
  • The classification of drugs
  • A full Drugs policy statement
  • Test questions for your staff.
  • Notes for the DPS own use.
  • The penalties for allowing drug use or dealing on your premises.
  • Guidance notes for the DPS

If your pub, club or bar is believed by the police to have a major drugs problem then the chance are that they will raid your premises and if their suspicions are found to be correct then you can expect your premises to be closed down. This module is designed to help you avoid this type of situation occurring. Train your staff well and implement a zero tolerance policy to drugs use and dealing will help you comply with the law. Buy peace of mind for just £1.99 use the button below to download this fully editable Microsoft word based module.

Think you don't need this training manual the see if you can answer these two questions on drugs in pubs - answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

What class of Drug are so called Magic Mushrooms? and What is the maximum penalty for being complacent or turning a blind eye to drug abuse or dealing on a licensed premises?

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Module 2 Drugs in pubs

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Magic Mushrooms are a Class A Drug.

Turning a blind eye to drug use or dealing in your premises carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years!