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Stocktaking software for the licensed trade, pub and bar managers from just £9.99 . Our software covers all wet stock requirements for stocktaking. Easy to set up and ready for instant download this will save you time and money.

Our latest edition is a stocktaking program that allows you to use the 10ths and gallons method of counting stock and is still just £9.99 to buy this version please use this link 10ths and gallons stocktaking software. With instant download.

Try our ultimate stocktaking software with built in pub management software that will allow you to cash-up up to three tills and process your orders both of which will automatically update your stocktaking program. You can also set and maintain all your bars prices with this software and it will even generate a bar price list for you it is 40Mb of powerful excel based software and is designed to help you run your pub with ease. Come the day of your stock take all's you will have to do is count the stock. Please read about this powerful stocktaking software - it is the best on the market written by a Landlord for a Landlord and only £19.99 downloadable straight after purchase from this site.

We now have a stocktaking aid for cocktail bars which when used with one of our other stocktaking programs will help you find the exact amount of stock you have used to make cocktails. It covers 65 different ingredients and 60 cocktails made up of up to 9 different liquids, plus more if you copy the workbook. Only £2.99 please visit the cocktail add-in page to read more on how this software can help you during a stock take it really is powerful.

We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.

Need to change your bars /pubs prices then use our brand new pricing software, with automatic rounding, selling price suggester, automatic Price list generation, event pricer, discount calculator this excel based software will also work in open office and is just £2.49 and will save you hours of time every time you need to change your prices to buy this item please visit this page, instant download following cleared payment.

Find your pubs / bars gross profit margin and establish where your pub / bars break-even point is. Then you are asked to set budgets to improve your gross profit margins and there is even a calculator to help your set your overall gross profit margins percentage - find out just how much you have to take in sales to make a profit. The whole software is full of money saving tips and calculation sheets to help you save money and increase sales. There is even a barrelage calculator which you should use to help yourself to obtain greater discounts from your breweries.

The overall gross profit setting and break-even point finding software come in two versions the basic which is crammed full of helpful info and calculators and the deluxe version which includes our deluxe price setting software which allows you to set your bar individual prices and maintain them at the correct GP%, it even generates a printable bar price list for you which updates automatically every time you change your prices. The basic is £3.99 and the deluxe version is just £4.99 please go to the page on them for more information, it could well be the best £5 your ever spend. gross profit and break-even software

Our gross profit finding and price setting software is designed to help you both set your gross profit margins and maintain them with ease, our deluxe version has a price list building function built into it which will generate a legal bar price list for you every time you change your prices. Achieving the correct Gross Profit margin is essential for healthy pub management.

To see just how easy it is to buy from us please go to our how to buy from us page, you could be enjoying your product within minutes of now! - instant download on all products.

Our till cashing software can cash-up up to five tills for you. Each till is reported as short, over or balanced in both word and figures. We have software that can cash from one till to five tills and it is all excel based software and again each comes with it's own user guide.

We have now designed and written bar staff training manuals, each module is individually priced and prices start from just £1.99. modules cover such topics as dealing with underage drinking, drugs in pubs, understanding measures and dealing with violence. They are downloadable straight after cleared payment. Each comes with a test page to help you sign off your staff and extra info for the DPS. to read more and buy the modules please visit here peace of mind for not a little cost.

Looking for relief bar, pub or club managers then we offer this service to you including emergency relief management cover - one of our licensed managers could be on site within 12 hours of your call please visit our relief management cover page for more details.

We also sell quiz questions for your pub quiz night and offer rounds of 50 questions, each quiz pack is downloadable from this website straight after cleared payment, as is our software. We offer TV theme tune and music quizzes and picture round quizzes. Each TV theme tune and picture quiz has ten questions. The TV Theme tune quiz's can be downloaded from this website.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points or HACCP's are a vital and legal requirement for any business that is selling food, they are very complicated to set up and run. They cover every aspect of the kitchen and work place that deals with food, and all stages in the process (known as steps in HACCP). We offer a complete guide to HACCP legislation and practices which includes downloads of all the forms you will require to build your own HACCP file. all for just £5.99 please see the HACCP Page. By having HACCP in place you will greatly improve your scores on the doors rating and in the long term your business should benefit from increased sales due to greater customer confidence in your products and meals.

We also sell a guide to buying a pub and a guide on how to clean your lines. We have more helpful pub management guides. Our guides are aimed at both bar/ pub managers new to the pub trade or are thinking about going into pub management.