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In this bundle you you will receive the following;

  • Ultimate stocktaking
  • Food (dry) Stocktaking
  • Gallons and tenths stocktaking
  • Full staff training manual (all five moduals)
  • Employment Contract
  • Cellar Management Guide
  • Line Cleaning Guide
  • HACCP Guide
  • How to buy and run a pub
  • Break-even finder
  • Pricing software
  • Cocktails stocktaking aid and pricer
  • Lotto checker

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Everything on this site except the quizzes

But that’s not it for as a bonus you will receive our trial quiz pack which contains 1 Fun Quiz, 1 Music Quiz, 1 general knowledge quiz and 3 picture quizzes.

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Please note excludes quizzes and any service offered on this site such as relief management cover, bookkeeping, payroll etc.