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Playable Music and TV Theme Tune Quizzes

Playable music and TV Theme Quizzes always improve a quiz but they take ages to compile. So we have done the hard work for you by making them easy for you to download a use straight away. We have packaged them up in packs of four quizzes for you and at just £3.99 per pack they are at a bargain price as well.

We also sell a whole range of quizzes to help your quiz night go off with a bang all of which we as quiz masters ourselves have tested and all are at very reasonable prices please take a look out our "Mr Quiz" store we guarantee you'll find something that meets your needs.


Our Tv theme tune quizzes have been batched into packs of four and each quiz lasts approximately 11 minutes which should give your question master a nice, well earned, break. Each snippet of the TV theme is played three times to give your quizzers a plenty of chances to guess the Tracks. Just simply load on to your iPod, burn to a CD or play directly from your computer.

Buy the TV Quiz pack 1 using the button below only £3.99 for four quizzes!

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if you are looking for other music quiz rounds then perhaps we could tempt you with our music intro quiz rounds, each pack again contains for rounds and there is a money saving bundle option for you as well a just £8.99 for 12 quizzes.

Music Intro quiz pack A use the button below.

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