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How to buy and download your product.

We now accept credit cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.
Buying and downloading your product could not be easier than using out fully automated system. Please read this guide to see just how easy it is.

First thing to do is to click on the buy it now button for the product you require


You will then be taken to the checkout page. Leading Landlords is our trading name and payment will be made to a lazylandlords.com email address - please note we own a number of website but the payment is always made to our Paypal account.

On the checkout page select the checkout button to be taken to the next step


You will then be taken to a page to choose your payment method, you can use either Paypal or your credit or debit card.

If you choose Credit or Debit card as a payment method you will be taken to a page for you to enter your card details and billing address plus your email address. Then when you click on the submit order button and your payment is processed (takes seconds) you will taken to your download area from where you can download your product. An email with a download link and help email link will also be sent to the email address you supplied during the payment process - please check your spam folders for this email. If you choose to paypal (which also gives you the option to pay by card) please read on if you intend to pay by card (Not Paypal) the please scroll down to the download page section of this page.

Paypal customers

The following section applies if you wish to pay using Paypal

Once you have clicked on the checkout button the order details page appears use this page to confirm your details and email address (we need that to send you a download link email.


Once you filled in this information and click on next you will be taken to the order confirmation page for you to check your order details and submit your order - just click on the submit order button and you will be taken to the paypal payment pages.

submit order

You will then be taken to the Paypal payment page, enter your account details there, note you have the option to pay by credit card at this stage - you do not need a Paypal account to do this.


On the next page click on pay now


On the next page click on complete purchase button and you will then be taken to your download page and an email will be sent to you which contains links to download your product and print an invoice plus a help email address for you to use should you need assistance with your product.


you will see this message whilst paypal processes your order


Paypal then takes you to your download page where you can both download your product and print off a copy of your invoice.

download 1

You should download all products to your documents file or "MY DOCUMENTS" as it would be on your computer

my docs

You now have your product! Trust me it takes less than a minute to complete all the stages. WE also send a download email which contains more links for your product - please check your spam folders for this email. If your product is in zip format please unzip it before using it - right click on the file and select "extract" its that simple!


And you can print of an invoice for your records