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Payroll Service for the pub trade

Put kettle on, we're paying the staff.

Payroll service for all those in the licensed trade, pub owners / managers, club committees, small bar and hotel owners are offered to our customers as part of our bookkeeping services.

Once set up it works with you either calling our number and leaving a voicemail message, emailing us via your dedicated email address or even by text just tell us the staff members name hours worked and or any other information you need to, holiday pay, sick-pay etc. and we do the rest.

We send you your payslips by email and you just have to print them off and pay your staff. We can also for a small additional fee record your staff’s holidays taken and sick pay received which has got to take some weight of your shoulders.

By using our payroll service, you also ensure that you are paying the correct minimum wage without having to keep up to date with it yourselves.

All our new customers will receive a custom written employment contract for each of their employees employed at the time we start your service and additional employees can receive an employment contract for a small additional fee of £3 per contract.

Our payroll service is linked to our bookkeeping services and below is a guide to the costs of that service. Which is based on your turnover.

Turnover of less than £3,000.00 per week cost per week is £30 per week and includes payroll for 3 employees.

From £3,000.00 per week or more up to £7,999.00 per week we charge 1% of your turnover and run payroll for between 8 and 15 employees depending on your level.

For example, if you are turning over £5,000.00 per week our bookkeeping fee would be 1% of your T/O - £50 per week and we would run payroll for an initial 8 employees.

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your needs.

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