Bookkeeping service for all those in the pub trade including Pubs, clubs, bars and hotels

A put your feet up service!

Bookkeeping made easy in fact our method is the simplest system you can possibly have and once setup in simply becomes a case of just posting everything to us on a weekly basis and we do the rest! Yes, unlike other bookkeeping firms we don’t require you to fill out any statement of trade forms, these are forms take just as long to fill out as doing your own books would take so they kind of defeat the object of employing a bookkeeper.

We use ‘Quickbooks Online’ which means that you can access your business’s books and view reports such as profit and loss wherever and whenever you like and experience landlords can even be given greater access if they require it.

If you don’t like the idea of posting everything to us then we even have a solution to that as well you simply take photos of all your receipts and invoices and till reports, machine income dockets etc. and send them attached to an email to us. Any invoices you receive via email can be forwarded to us as well. Please not this service requires an additional subscription to ‘Receipt Bank’ at an additional cost of around £9.99 a month.

We charge around 1% of your turnover in most cases, though our minimum charge is £30 a week and our maximum charge for high T/O bars is £100.00 a week. These prices also include payroll services. So, if you T/O £5,000.00 a week for example then we charge £50 a week and include Payroll services for 10 employees’ additional employees can be added for a small fee. New customers can also have us provided employment contracts for all their employees free of charge.

We can handle VAT and set up the reports you want to see, all too often bookkeepers set the books up to suite them and not their customers. We have in the past had a few run ins with bookkeeping firms we have used ourselves in the past and they were failing to provide the reports we needed to run our pubs. It can be very hard to find out which area of your business is underperforming or not producing the revenues you are expecting of it from a standard bookkeeper’s report.

Imagine the time you save when doing the books is as simply as popping an envelope in the post on a Monday possibly at the same time as you do your banking, especially as high street banks are closing their branches and relying on customers using the Post Office for cash transactions. No forms just seal and send (little work at set up required).

We can in many cases transfer your books into our system automatically.

Please contact us for to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.

Quickbooks Certified